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Carey Blyton

Carey Blyton
Interview by Peter Thompson
Series Composer Interviews Nº1
Date written 30th December 1999
Type of work Text book
ISBN 0-9535125-2-5 (second edition)
Words Carey Blyton and Peter Thompson
Publisher Fand Music Press
Publisher’s product page Carey Blyton
Notes Republished in a totally revised second edition in 2012, with an extra essay by Peter Thompson, to mark Carey’ 80th anniversary
2Interview: Carey Blyton
3Carey Blyton at Fand
4An Anniversary Reminiscence

This extended interview of Carey Blyton by his friend and former pupil Peter Thompson was conducted at the very end of 1999, only a couple of years before Carey died—at a time when his final compositions were already conceived, if not yet written down. Over around twenty pages, the interview discusses many aspects of Carey Blyton’s life and musical career, and includes a detailed account of the story behind Bananas in Pyjamas.

Second Edition: Copies of the original edition ran out in Carey Blyton’s 80th anniversary year, so Fand Music Press decided to revamp the publication and produce a new edition with extra material. The interview itself is unchanged except for the correction of minor errors and the addition of a few extra details relating to recent publications. However, a new four-page essay by Peter Thompson, written for the 80th anniversary year, has also been included, and the booklet is laid out in an attractive new style of presentation. The new edition was launched at the Carey Blyton & Friends 80th Anniversary Concert.


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