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Sweeney Todd & Dracula!

Sweeney Todd & Dracula!
Two Victorian Melodramas
Year of publication 2005
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 00:43:19
Performers Derek Wright, narrator; Soloists from New Decade Opera; Redbridge Music School singers and instrumentalists; Edna Graham, conductor
Publisher Meridian Records Ltd
Publisher’s product page Sweeney Todd & Dracula!
Track listing
The Vampire Vanquished
‘Curtain Up’Orchestra0:54
2NarratorDerek Wright0:46
3–8Jonathan’s Night RideChoir1:38
9NarratorDerek Wright1:20
10–14Count Dracula’s CzardasDavid Stowell & Choir2:19
15NarratorDerek Wright1:45
16–18Mina’s SongLynne McAdam & Choir3:26
19NarratorDerek Wright0:26
20–27Ghost ShipChoir1:38
28NarratorDerek Wright1:18
29–34The Professor’s Patter SongDerek Wright1:25
35NarratorDerek Wright1:36
36–41Renfield’s Dining-room BalladBruce Knight & Choir3:38
42NarratorDerek Wright1:31
43–45Finale: Quincey’s RagChoir1:54
46Sweeney Todd the Barber, or
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
‘Curtain Up’Orchestra0:22
47NarratorDerek Wright0:26
48–53I’m Sweeney Todd, the barberDavid Stowell & Choir1:56
54NarratorDerek Wright0:21
55–60Today I start my working lifeAnthony Ince3:13
61NarratorDerek Wright0:25
62–64Oh, I’m a jolly sailorBruce Knight1:09
65NarratorDerek Wright1:07
66–69Mark, Mark, Where are you now?Lynne McAdam & Soloists2:13
70NarratorDerek Wright1:01
71–72My famous pies are known to allAnne-Marie Hetherington1:27
73NarratorDerek Wright1:17
74–77You’re in my power!David Stowell & Lynne McAdam0:51
78NarratorDerek Wright0:42
79–81A happy ending to our tale – ‘Envoi’Choir1:15
Total duration:43:19


Carey Blyton belongs to that select band of composers whose music can make you laugh out loud … should be explored by enterprising school music staff.

David Shellan, Kentish Times, 20th August 1984

But for sheer fun, his two Victorian Melodramas for Schools are convulsing, especially when performed with the prescribed ‘Music Hall Orchestra’ … A recording by the Redbridge School on Meridian is well recommended.

Wally Horwood, The British Bandsman, March 1985