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Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (4/4)

Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (4/4)
(television plays & documentary films: complete versions)
Year of publication 2005
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:11:44
Performers British session players
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1The Pigeon-Fancier5:27
2Footprints in the Jungle9:39
3Before the Party20:29
4It Wasn’t MePart 1: Opening titles0:18
5Part 2: A representative from I&D Ltd (the spy)0:12
6Part 3: The old father0:41
7Part 4: The spy again0:09
8Part 5: The husband’s soliloquy1:38
9Part 6: Run to bus stop0:52
10Part 7: Climbing up spiral staircase0:14
11Part 8: Sign on door: ‘Inconveniences & Disposals Ltd’0:20
12Part 9: Entry into office0:18
13Part 10: Entry of the spy0:25
14Part 11: Very nervous suspense; film show0:07
15Part 12: Shock reaction to implied threat0:32
16Part 13: Sinister suspense0:31
17Part 14: Spy music0:21
18Part 15: Film show continues0:21
19Part 16: The old man0:35
20Part 17: The old man0:22
21Part 18: Old man has got rid of you?0:25
22Part 19: Frantic rush down spiral staircase0:10
23Part 20: Quarrel of couple in alleyway0:22
24Part 21: “I feel sick…”0:16
25Part 22: Couple disappears down alleyway1:28
26Part 23: Couple vanishes out of sight0:38
27Part 24: Death of old man – dead father – (end titles)1:36
28Julie’s GonePart 1: Station identification signal0:06
29Part 23:24
30Part 310:49
31Display to SellPart 1: Opening credits (theme, “Stomp”)0:17
32Part 2: Variation 1 – Lyrical, pastoral2:11
33Part 3: Linking passage2:37
34Part 4: Variation 2 – ‘Dream sequence’ (love)0:58
35The Furryfolk on HolidayThe Tufty Club Marching Song3:10
Total duration:71:44