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Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (3/4)

Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (3/4)
(film & television music: complete versions)
Year of publication 2004
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:10:17
Performers British session players
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1Capital CityPart 1: Mansion House1:45
2Part 2: Commuters hurrying into London2:12
3Part 3: The Lord Mayor’s Show1:52
4Part 4: Night Scene0:49
5Part 5: Nocturnal City Life1:45
6Part 6: ‘Big Ben’ striking0:17
7Part 7: ‘Big Ben’ striking0:41
8Flying BirdsPart 1: Theme0:40
9Part 2: Variation 11:44
10Part 3: Variation 32:47
11Part 4: Variation 2 (Variation 6)0:51
12Part 5: Variation 80:45
13Part 6: Variations 9/102:00
14The Living RiverPart 1: Storm Music – Spring Scenic3:11
15Part 2: Elvers’ migration1:28
16Part 3: Caddis larvæ0:15
17Part 4: Underwater sequence0:35
18Part 5: Reprise of opening credits music1:30
19Kites are FlyingPart 1: Opening Credits1:38
20Part 2: Kite Display Music2:17
21Part 3: Oakwoods1:13
22Part 4: Museum1:21
23Part 5: Forestry and Sunset Music1:48
24Part 6: Forestry and Sunset Music (continued)1:16
25Part 7: Owl Hunting at Night7:35
26Part 8: Closing Credits0:48
27Sherlock HolmesPart 1: Sherlock Holmes (violin) tuning up abstractedly0:24
28Part 2: Sherlock Holmes (violin) ‘serious piece’0:38
29Part 3: Sherlock Holmes (violin) ‘serious piece’0:40
30Part 4: Sherlock Holmes (violin) ‘gay piece’0:56
31Part 5: Doctor Watson (cello) troubled by wounded leg0:39
32Part 6: Doctor Watson (cello) responds to Holmes0:06
33Part 7: The Baker Street Irregulars (clarinet/piccolo)0:14
34Part 8: Wiggins (E flat clarinet)0:09
35Part 9: Inspector Lestrade (double bass)0:51
36Part 10: Inspector Gregson (double bass)0:23
37Part 11: Inspector Athelney Jones (trombone)0:28
38Part 12: Leverton (bassoon)0:16
39Part 13: Leverton (bassoon) ‘Yankee Doodle’0:10
40Part 14: Mrs Hudson (English horn)0:41
41Part 15: Mrs Hudson (English horn) original tune0:38
42Part 16: Porky Johnson (trumpet)0:12
43Part 17: Professor Moriarty (bass clarinet) ‘The Napoleon of Crime’0:35
44Part 18: Loop music for chase sequence0:38
45Part 19: London scene (hurdy-gurdy)0:26
46Part 20: Chinese music (Chinese cymbal)0:34
47Part 21: Opium den in Limehouse0:35
48Part 22: Signature tune – March: “Mint Imperial (By Jingo!)”0:44
49Part 23: Big Ben heard through a thick London ‘pea-souper’ fog1:17
50The GoshawkPart 1: Pre-titles sequence1:18
51Part 2: Sleepless Sequence 11:30
52Part 3: Sleepless Sequence 21:18
53Part 4: Night – Dawn – Day0:40
54Part 5: Hawk flying to wrist1:13
55Part 6: Reflection of hawk in water0:41
56Part 7: Panorama of countryside1:37
57Part 8: Hawk dithering on fence0:53
58Part 9: Falconer’s reaction to loss of hawk2:07
59Part 10: Falconer blames himself0:08
60Part 11: Falconer mistakenly pursues another hawk0:11
61Part 12: Falconer and boy locate hawk1:36
62Part 13: Hawk flies away0:14
63Part 14: Hawk is lost0:15
64Part 15: Another hawk on wrist – hawk catches rabbit1:02
65Part 16: End titles: falconer’s sense of loss and flashbacks0:45
Total duration:70:17