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Three Bird Songs

Three Bird Songs
for Voice(s) and Guitar
Series Songs for Juniors 3
Date of composition Summer 1988
Opus number 38b
Type of work Concert music
Duration 3 mins
Musical forces Voice(s) and Guitar
School Suitable for use in schools
Words Carey Blyton & Anon.
Publication status Manuscript
Notes Guitar transcription for the Edward Lear Commemoration Concerts at the BMIC, Autumn 1988; songs are: 1. The Cormorant (Anon.); 2. The Stork (Carey Blyton); 3. The Elephant (Anon.)


The music had its own poetry, matching the fantasy of the words, and Blyton’s strong melodic sense stood him in good stead. One of the Three Insect Songs, Poor Fly, was a miniature gem.

Kentish Times, 16th October 1964

…Stainer & Bell Ltd have, I am sure, winners in their Songs for Juniors, in which Carey Blyton has done the hat trick with three irresistible small books … Impossible to say who will get most kick out of these, juniors or seniors. The choice of words is inspired, whether from Harry Graham, A. P. Herbert, Don Marquis or the composer. The Sink Song is guaranteed to cheer the daily slubbery gloopery as a kitchen classic of inspired Jabberwocky. Try these. Buy them.

The Musical Times, December 1965